In the Creeks & Canyons: Exploration of the Mogollon Rim | Prescott College

In the Creeks & Canyons: Exploration of the Mogollon Rim

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In the arid southwest water is the elusive catalyst to life and beauty. On the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau, known as the Mogollon Rim, geology and hydrology coalesce creating a series of majestic perennial wet canyons of rare aesthetic and environmental significance. In this field-based course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the geographical and ecological value of these high desert gems, and also of the historical and ongoing threats to their long-term survival. Course themes will include: natural history, geomorphology, aquatic biology, botany and riparian ecology (including threatened species), human impact - past and present, safe travel and navigational techniques for technical canyoneering, and low impact travel and camping methods. Students will learn to conduct environmental assessments of the canyons explored, which will assist land managers in their appraisal of ecosystem health.