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Risk Management

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This course provides a broad introduction to the concept of risk management across a variety of disciplines. Students can apply these principles and practices of risk management in adventure education, field sciences or other career contexts. An overview of the field will include the 'lessons learned' approach from industry, aviation, and especially outdoor and wilderness programming. In class discussions of case histories will provide an introduction to practices and potential problems inherent in the field. This fosters critical thinking and peer communication skills while developing a working knowledge of risk management topics. Basic concepts such as "risk versus reward", "consequence versus likelihood", and "risk aversion versus acceptance" will be covered. Students develop a professional approach to risk management for their future careers. Additionally, behavioral research concerning possible fallacies and "traps" inherent in decision making will help students evaluate their own thinking and judgment for use in their work and recreational pursuits. Legal approaches to risk mitigation, such as acknowledgement of risk, liability waivers, and an overview of Tort law will be covered. Risks associated with international travel and programming are also addressed. Students personalize the course in a research topic of their choice.