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Rock Climbing, Intermediate

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This course is designed to introduce students to high angle, traditionally protected multi-pitch rock climbing. It is a concentrated course designed to equip aspiring lead climbers with the necessary skills, decision-making ability, and safety consciousness to accomplish traditionally protected multi-pitch rock climbs in a self-sufficient manner. A review of basic skills and anchors precedes a basic lead climbing progression. Students have an opportunity to climb in teams and practice lead climbing protection placement, route finding, cleaning and descents in multi-pitch settings. The course is not designed solely around pushing student climbing standards, but rather providing a supportive environment in which to reinforce technical skills and safe climbing practices at a comfortable standard. Other intermediate skills such as belay escape, self rescue, rappel retrieval, ascending fixed lines, and problem solving are also covered. Current trends and issues in rock climbing are covered including land management policies, impacts of rock climbing, ethics, and service work in local climbing areas. If student interest and skills are suitable, an introduction to aid climbing and hauling, and/or an overview of curricular standards followed in the Single Pitch Instructors (SPI) certification used by the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) may be included.