Wilderness Exploration & Landscape Studies II: The Ocean Classroom | Prescott College

Wilderness Exploration & Landscape Studies II: The Ocean Classroom

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Many of the concepts and techniques associated with modern adventure education were first tested and refined at sea. Through participating in an extended coastal journey in sea kayaks, students will develop a first-hand understanding of the current potential that marine-based programming holds for reaching a wide range of outcomes associated with outdoor and adventure education, such as those related to environmental studies and human development. This course for potential marine educators will also focus on developing fundamental understandings of concepts from oceanography, marine meteorology, astronomy and navigation that serve as foundational knowledge for all practicing mariners. Readings from ocean literature, including first-hand adventure accounts, fiction, and poetry will be utilized to discover the common elements that make the ocean a uniquely challenging and inspiring teacher. As a means of documenting experience, the ship's log is a longstanding marine tradition that has adaptations relevant to adventure education. Using the historical model of the ship's log as a point of reference, students will engage in diverse journaling activities designed to meet the educational outcomes and current practices in adventure education settings. Students will practice writing reflective journals that will serve as tools for processing their own and the group's experience, as well as learning to craft professional documentation of a sea-based expedition and effectively sharing ocean adventure with a wider audience through social media.

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