Veterans Education Benefits

Getting the Most out of VA Education Benefits at Prescott College

Thank You For Your Service

Prescott College would like to thank our Veterans and Active Service Members for their service to our country. We hope that you enjoy your time at Prescott College and wish you the best success in your educational goals. As part of this, we at Prescott College become certified as an Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus.

Approved in late Spring 2011, Senate Bill 1373, section 41-609, established the certification criteria by which the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services (ADVS) can designate an institution as an Arizona Veterans Supportive Campus.

For information or questions regarding veterans’ education at Prescott College, use the below contact:

Deborah Kronz
VA School Certifying Official
P: 928-350-1108
E: or


As the first private college in Arizona certified as a Veterans Supportive Campus, we continually strive to better support veterans and military families. With all programs based in the liberal arts, the environment and social justice, Prescott College’s small class sizes and award-winning experiential and practical based learning approach offers an option otherwise not available in Arizona or much of the nation. Many veterans find that our unique approach to experiential education is an ideal fit for their approach to learning.

Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) employs student veterans and offers the following services: peer support for student veterans and military family members; orientation sessions; one-stop resource center for college, community, state, and national resources; community outreach and collaboration of veteran services; and ongoing involvement in the education/training of the college community in regards to veteran culture.

The VRC is only open during the Fall and Spring Semesters and has various office hours. You can contact the Veterans Resource Center at 928-350-1108.

Veteran and Military Family Club 

Based on the interest of current students, Veteran and Military Family Club can provide a supportive community for students, friends, and family members of those who have served or are currently serving the Armed Forces. The club can offer opportunities for networking, a place to meet and discuss ideas for addressing the needs of student veterans, and opportunities for team-building and community outreach. By cultivating this group the Veteran and Military Family club will be able to adequately assist the Prescott College community in supporting, understanding, embracing, and working cohesively with Veteran, Active Duty and Reserve service members, their friends and their families.

For questions, contact our Veterans Certifying Official at or 928-350-1108.

Educational Requirements

You are required to complete a working degree plan with your adviser before you will be certified for your second term. Please provide a copy of your Degree Plan to the Veteran Certifying Official. Edits throughout your semesters at Prescott College may be necessary to continue suing your education benefits. 

Click on the button below for more information on meeting the requirements and allowing the Veterans Certifying Official to submit your enrollment certification to the Veterans' Administration.

Degree Plan/Academic Requirements for Veterans Education Benefits

The school cannot report your enrollment or bill the VA for a term if any of the classes on your schedule do not match your degree plan.  Delaying these updates may delay your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) or subsistence payments and/or payment for tuition and fees.

Always ensure that your degree plan is updated by communicating with your Prescott College Adviser, via the link below, in the event of a change. Explore and design the degree plans at Prescott College at the link below.

Degree Plans

Advising Center

The VA will only pay for classes multiple times in the following situations

  • No Credit (NC): The VA will pay for you to retake a course where an NC was received once. They will not pay to take the course a third time.
  • Fail (F): The VA will pay for you to retake a course where an F was received once. They will not pay to take the course a third time.

VA auditors have access to and often review all veterans’ files.  If they see that you have retaken a course inappropriately, you will owe a debt back to the VA.  If the VA Certifying Official catches it, she must report it to the VA.

Think twice before withdrawing from a course. This could mean you officially reported a withdrawal to the registrar, or it could simply mean you stopped showing up to class. If you withdraw from a class, Prescott College will have to report to the VA the last date of attendance and the VA will require you to repay the tuition for the portion of the course you did not finish.  The VA will only pay for “seat time” or the time you attended on a regular basis. 


Utilize the checklist at the link below to ensure that you are ready for the next steps of the Veterans Certifying Process. 

Veterans Education Benefits Checklist


When you have received the checklist and are ready to proceed with your benefits, follow the link below to complete the Veterans Education Benefits Agreement.

Veterans Education Benefits Agreement

Vocational Rehabilitation

VA Vocational Rehabilitation works differently from most other VA educational benefits. If you are interested in a vocational rehabilitation program at Prescott College, there are several resources that can help you get started.

To apply for vocational rehabilitation, apply at the link below.

Vocational Rehabilitation Application

After your application has been processed, the Prescott College Veterans Certifying Official, Deborah Kronz, can assist you with additional information and placement and can be contact through the link below.

Veterans' Certifying Official

GI Bill® Information

Prescott College is proud to support our veterans by accepting the GI® Bill for tuition costs. Students who are eligible for veterans’ education benefits may use their benefits at Prescott College.  The majority of our programs are approved for veterans’ education benefits.

While using a GI Bill®, course fees are not automatically billed to the VA for payment, , therefore more expensive fees may contain hundreds of dollars of sub-fees that you will have to pay. The VA requires the college to dissect the course fee and remove portions for housing (camping), food, transportation, etc. The VA will only cover fees that are directly associated with tuition and attendance at the college.  For instance: the technology fee, sustainability fee and activity fee.  Once we confirm which courses fit into your degree requirements, we must review an itemization of the fees and remove anything related to camping park entrance fees, college vehicle use, transportation, housing and other miscellaneous items listed.

Please visit the link below to apply for your veterans’ educational benefits or call 1-888-442-4551.

Apply for Benefits


If you have used veterans' education benefits before at Prescott College, but do not want to be certified for a particular term, please let the Veterans’ Certifying Official, Deborah Kronz, know by contacting her at the below information. An example of a time you may wish to not be certified is if you are taking few credits and want to save months of benefit.

P: 928-350-1108



Active duty veterans who qualify for benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill® may transfer their benefits to their dependent spouse and children. For more information or the begin transferring your benefits, log in to the VA’s eBenefits site at the link below.

Transfer Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has launched an innovative new GI Bill® Comparison Tool designed to make it easier for veterans to calculate their Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits and learn more about colleges, universities and other education and training programs across the country. The GI Bill® Comparison Tool is designed to enable student veterans and their families to compare education options and make informed choices that will help them reach their educational goals and find a good job. Visit the link below to explore your options.

Comparison Tool

If you have not checked recently about how much benefit you have left, please log in or create an eBenefits account. This feature, provided by the VA, will allow you to assess how much of your GI Bill® benefits have already been used and how much of it remains for use. The GI Bill® can cover all in-state tuition and fees at public degree granting schools, but may not cover all private degree granting schools and out-of-state tuition. The Yellow Ribbon Program provides additional support in those situations. Institutions voluntarily enter into an agreement with VA to fund uncovered charges. VA matches each dollar of unmet charges the institution agrees to contribute, up to the total cost of the tuition and fees. 

Check Your Benefits

Yellow Ribbon Program